Decant Treatment Systems
Decant Treatment Systems

About Our Team

Socially responsible water treatment solutions since 2011

DTS is a technology company focused on using its proprietary technologies in the water and waste water space. The company’s roots go back to R&D done by its two chief scientists, Dr. Matityahu (Mati) Fichman and Dr. Leonid (Len) Moldavsky. Both physicists have spent much of the last twenty-five years developing different methods to use electricity to treat waste effluent.

DTS has exclusive rights to several patents as well as know-how that stem from development work in the U.S., Israel, Japan and Europe. Although R&D is continuing, the company is at a stage ready for commercialization for several markets that have gone through intensive development.

DTS is a lever, an accelerator, a catalyst.

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Chairman of the Board of Directors

Jim Kleinburd

Jim Kleinburd (Chairman, BOD) manages an investment holding company specializing in early-stage companies, with an emphasis on the Israeli market.  He has been active in the innovation scene since 1996. A Wharton School graduate, his background includes helping companies develop strategic plans and following through in implementation of those plans.  He has participated as a principal in acquisition, mergers and exits in more than two dozen transactions with a market value of over $200 million.


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William Glass, P.E.

William Glass is a Founder and CEO of BET.. Mr. Glass brings 25 years of safety, quality, productivity, process, and business leadership and best-practices from some of the world’s leading companies to BET.  For over 10 year, Mr. Glass has been leading industrial companies from start-ups to $1B organizations as President/CEO. Mr. Glass has extensive experience in sales, marketing, R&D, business development, strategy, logistics, M&A and business leadership.   

Mr. Glass comes to BET from BMC where he designed, engineered, constructed, commissioned, and ramped-upthe world’s largest green-field renewable-energy business.  The operation was delivered safely, to-spec, on-time, and under-budget.  The $200M, 750,000 MT/year plant produces wood pellets that are transported in bulk shipments from a specially constructed port facility along the Savannah River to European utility companies.

Mr. Glass came to BMC from World Color Inc., where he was responsible for turning-around the $1B European Business which led to a successful divesture.  Mr. Glass then led the transformation of the Logistics and Pre-media Businesses by investing in co-mail capabilities, which saved it’s customers millions in postage, and investing in color management and web-based marketing.  Mr. Glass was a member of the Leadership Team that led World Color through a successful Chapter 11 reorganization and emergence as a financially strong, stand-alone company.  

Prior to World Color, Mr. Glass held a number of leadership positions in Sun Chemical.  There he founded Vivitek, a full service supplier of press room consumables, to capture a larger share of the “customer’s wallet” and was part of the Leadership Team that improved profitability through the implementation of Productivity andCustomer Value initiatives.  Mr. Glass has worked with a number of multi-national companies, including BASF Corporation, Honeywell Inc. (AlliedSignal), Nova Chemicals, Sun Chemical Corporation,, and World Color Inc., and start-ups including Invesmart, Vivitek, and BMC, in a variety of industries including specialty chemicals, engineered plastics, financial services, printing, and logistics.

Mr. Glass holds an MBA from The University of Detroit and a BS in Chemical Engineering from The University of Toledo.  Mr. Glass is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Michigan.  Mr. Glass resides in Savannah, GA.


Chief Scientist

Dr. Matityahu (Mati) Fichman

Academic Degrees:

1980-1983 : Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Technion I.I.T., Haifa, Israel

1974-1977 : M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, Technion I.I.T., Haifa, Israel

1965-1970 : M.Sc. in Physics, Novosibirsk State University, Novosibirsk, USSR

Professional Employment:

Since 1995 Founder and Director, Start-up companies "SSS systems" and "Decant"

Since 1988 Senior Researcher, Senior Lecturer Adjunct, Technion, Haifa

1985-1988 : Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Technion, Haifa.

1983-1985 : Research Fellow, RAFAEL, Haifa

1980-1983 : Instructor, Faculty of Mech. Eng. Technion, Haifa.

1979-1980 : Research-Engineer, Department of Aeronautical Engineering, Technion, Haifa.

1976-1979 : Engineer, Department of Mechanical Design, Israel Electrical Co. Haifa.

1975-1976 : Assistant, Faculty of Mech. Eng., Technion, Haifa.

1970-1971 : Research-Engineer, Polytechnical Institute Krasnojarsk, USSR.

Current Research Areas

  • Electrically driven heat and mass transfer
  • Pollution control technologies
  • Influence of electro-magnetic and ultrasonic fields on biological systems
  • Gas-liquid-solid multi-phase flow systems
  • Acoustics, ultrasonic and shock waves in multi-phase flows
  • Mechanics of aerosols and gas filtration theory


More than 100 articles in professional journals, proceedings of scientific conferences, and more than 10 patents.



Chief Scientist


Academic Degrees:

1987 Ph.D. in Heat Physics and Molecular Physics, Institute of Technical Heat Physics, Kiev, USSR

1973 M.Sc. in Metallurgical Engineering, St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, USSR

Professional Employment:

Since 1995 Founder and Director, Start-up companies "SSS systems" and "Decant"

Since 1991 Scientist, Laboratory of Aerosol Research, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technion, Haifa, Israel

1990-1991 Deputy scientific director, Scientific and Industrial Company "Contact", Kishinev, USSR

1988-1990 Chief of the Department of Maintaining Quality Control, Experimental Plant of Institute of Applied Physics, Academy of Sciences, (IAPAS), Kishinev, USSR

1976-1988 Research engineer, Senior engineer, Scientific Fellow Laboratory of Electrical Methods of Controlling of Heat and Mass Transfer, Institute of Applied Physics, Academy of Sciences, (IAPAS), Kishinev, USSR

1974-1976 Engineer, Senior engineer, Leading engineer, Department of Electrical Technology and Perspective Types of Coating, All-Union Institute of Electric Machines and Devices (AUIEMAD), Kishinev, USSR

1973-1974 Technological engineer, Experimental Mechanical Plant, Kishinev, USSR


Filtration, air and water purification

Influence of sound and ultrasound on the gas filtration (in filters and cyclones)

Heat and mass transfer in electric and magnetic fields


Influence of electric, magnetic and ultrasound fields on organic substance

High voltage discharges, electrostatic precipitators

Physic-chemical analysis


Gas and Vibro-Fluidized bed



37 patents and 80 scientific papers published in professional journals, reports and proceedings of scientific conferences, 5 participation in exhibitions.